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Three Layers - One Light

Who ever said having options was a bad thing? When you have the ability to choose what you want, you will be happy. So how do you design for a flexible space when it comes to architecture and lighting? Layers of light! Depending on the task that an architectural environment is built for it may be possible to install one style of lighting - but it needs to be calculated and designed. For spaces that require flexibility and an even higher degree of lighting design must be achieved - which is the benefit of hiring a lighting designer.

With the WARP from Beta Calco there is an opportunity to not only have layers of light but to achieve it all out of a single luminaire. Available in a Hemi Shape, it is also available in a classic round in 18" and 24" in diameter.

Three layers: general ambient, indirect, spot module (mood light)

Learn more with Lytei: watch the YouTube video

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