• Sam_K

One housing, on demand shipping - Twist it and lock it

The need to get things quickly in construction isn't always easy. With an on-demand solution that can ship housings in as little as 48 hours, DMF lighting has rethought how they serve everyone from a contractor to a designer. the DCD (DMF Commercial Downlight) offers a variety of trims, finishes, beam angles, and outputs to suit the needs of any common application for a downlight.

The Housing is universal and can be shipped solo or configured and ship with the light engine which holds a built-in driver and toolless connections, and the trim. The DCD3 punches up to 3000 lumens, which the adjustable DCD4 maxes out at 2500 lumens. Everything from a 15 degree up to a 60-degree beam angle can be changed in the field, all from below the ceiling.