One housing, on demand shipping - Twist it and lock it

The need to get things quickly in construction isn't always easy. With an on-demand solution that can ship housings in as little as 48 hours, DMF lighting has rethought how they serve everyone from a contractor to a designer. the DCD (DMF Commercial Downlight) offers a variety of trims, finishes, beam angles, and outputs to suit the needs of any common application for a downlight.

The Housing is universal and can be shipped solo or configured and ship with the light engine which holds a built-in driver and toolless connections, and the trim. The DCD3 punches up to 3000 lumens, which the adjustable DCD4 maxes out at 2500 lumens. Everything from a 15 degree up to a 60-degree beam angle can be changed in the field, all from below the ceiling.

Designed to be modular and adapt to any situation, components either snap into place or twist to lock. This has the power to be a tool for and lighting designer, and also be contractor-friendly, quick and easy to install. Use the DCD as a wall wash, accent light, pinhole, downlight or discrete recessed hole int the ceiling to illuminate your environment. To learn more watch this short video, and visit the DMF website.

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