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Redefining Linear Lighting - Three lines - One Space

The wheels have been turning in Albuquerque New Mexico for nearly two years at Insight Lighting. With a goal to continue to evolve as a company, they also sought out a way to redefine something that has been a staple of lighting for the last 30 years - linear suspended lighting. Meet Space.

Space creates an opportunity to link together 8' lengths for a continuous run system. You can also build shapes using 90-degree connectors and create a dynamic light by utilizing their RGB or tunable white option (aka active white).

With an integrated power system, there is only a single suspension point. To learn more about the details of space and how it can help light up an open office, classroom, office, conference room, board room, bar or general assembly zone check out this video below!

We had a lot of fun working with Insight Lighting - they are a family-owned business that has nearly 150 people under one roof. With a tradition of building everything in the USA, they are made in America and have a lot of capabilities without having to outsource much. The next generation of leaders is excited and would be stoked to have you visit!

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