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Light an open office, kill the noise

The open office, it's here to stay isn't it? As buildings become increasingly more focused on energy efficiency there is a long debate as to how to structure desks, cube farms, or even a collaborative conference room. Removing the ceiling in a space all together has it's advantages that range from aesthetic to cost reduction, but it poses a problem for acoustics.

The last 18 months have been exciting in the lighting industry as acoustic materials have developed a relationship with the ubiquitous linear suspended form factor. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it too. Why have two separate blades hanging when you could combine it all into one. This helps keep the look clean, but also reduces labor and overall installation.

With so many different companies looking at acoustic linear solutions, it might be hard to pick which one is best. Some are simply sliding a shell over an existing light, while others are redesigning their products from the ground up. Acoustic companies are also starting to incorporate light engines into their non-lit products. It's the wild west out there!

Focal Point Lighting (based out of Chicago) has taken a gloves off approach, hiring acousticians and learning how to not only create a good lighting solution but take full advantage of acoustic materials and air gaps! Think about a double pane or triple pane window system. Those windows keep your house insulated from sounds just as much as they do the extreme temperatures.

Learn more with Lytei and check out this 2 minute overview!

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