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Engage faster and track opportunities

Sara Says is an extension of your team — a direct connection to specifiers + an easy way to capture feedback! 


Hosted by a trusted voice and lighting designer in the industry, Sara Schonour.

Sara loves lights, and she knows every product has a place in the market. Join us as specifiers tune in for demos that are unbiased and straightforward.


Tailored to address the questions we know specifiers will have about specifying and using your product, we show off the features without the fluff. From the good, the bad, and the ugly, Sara covers it all, and she creates opportunities for deeper connections that establish trust with your brand.

Check out the demo!

Community Impressions

"I like that it's not at all a sales pitch - but instead feedback on a fixture's overall quality, aesthetic, materials, and construction."

Travis, Lighting Design Alliance

For $4,900, here's what you get:


  • Honest and thoroughly informed product analysis by an expert in the field who understands your prospect's decision-making process.

  • Social proof that your product offerings do what they say they will.

  • Opportunity to capture the attention of hundreds of specifiers vs. in-person meetings — saving time and money.

  • Opportunity to get direct, designer feedback on the pros and cons of your product through follow-up surveys and community forum feedback.


  • A dishonest or negative impression.

  • A sales pitch, ad, or commercial.

  • A pre-rehearsed one size fits all review and analysis approach.

  • Saying things for the sake of saying them — if we don't see it, we don't say it.

  • An opportunity to generate a custom script (but we can do that with our other products.

Why stick to costly in-person meetings or time-consuming one-on-one interactions when you can capture the attention of hundreds with one video? AND get their feedback instantly.

Sara Says: Let's get started
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