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Presentation title slide styling

We do not recommend taking standard templates, except for the first one, which has only a white background and black letters. Skip Comic San and the like, complex colors, small, tightly packed letters, and any kind of animation—she looks really bad on a projector.

When creating a presentation in other programs, follow the same principles. The editors of Prezi, Slideshar or Google Slides know how to look more formal and solid than the usual PP. If this software is not supported by computers in the classrooms (and this needs to be known in advance), the work can be facilitated by downloaded templates for Power Point with ready-made design solutions, if you can find among them a suitable one in appearance. Using the downloaded font, do not forget to install it on the computer from which you will show the presentation recommed write my paper experts.

Presentation title page design tips

There are special rules for designing a presentation to make it better and better. We offer some tips for designing the title page of your presentation.

  1. Do not use only white background and black text. You can apply some color schemes to attract the audience and keep them interested. Carefully monitor the compatibility of colors, choose them in such a way that the text does not get lost against the background and is readable.

  2. Minimalism is in trend right now. This means that you should not pile up your slide with applications, play with fonts, add shadows, animations and gradients. Stick to a strict and concise design.

  3. Single color range. Choose 3-5 colors that are the most attractive and go well with each other. You should not choose very bright colors, it is better to look at a calmer palette. Decorate your presentation in your chosen colors. Use a maximum of 3 colors on one slide so that the work does not seem very gaudy.

  4. You do not need to use all the fonts that are in the program. Choose a maximum of three: for headings, quotes, plain text.

  5. Choose fonts that are easy to read. They should be sans serifs and ornate details recommend experts.

  6. Highlight important thoughts in a different color, italics or bold to draw the attention of the audience to this detail.

  7. Leave space between pictures and text. Do not sculpt all the elements on top of each other. Use wide spacing between lines. So the presentation will look more organized and serious.

  8. Don't justify text. Because of this feature, there are too large spaces between words.

  9. You can place a picture on the title slide if it fits the theme. You can also make an image a background. Do not forget to stretch it across the slide and increase the transparency so that the text is easy to read. Insert only one picture per slide. So that the work does not look overloaded.

  10. Do not use all the animations offered by the program. Pop-up text, pop-up images, and falling charts distract attention from what's important. Use one slide transition effect to make your presentation look formal.

Preparing a presentation is a creative process that allows each student to reveal himself. Difficulties with the design of the title page for the presentation? You can entrust the presentation to specialists! But here it is important not to overdo it and stick to a single official style.

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